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Showing Your Home

Your house can be shown in three ways:

  1. JOHNSON REALTY absolutely shows your property to unrepresented buyers (there is no additional charge).
  2. An OUTSIDE AGENT from another company will schedule the showing through the MLS and you will be texted a request for permission to show. This service also runs a feedback campaign, free of charge.
  3. YOU can present a buyer directly to Johnson Realty and we will write the contract and bring it to a close with only the listing agent's commission due (which can save you from having to pay a buyer's agent commission).

Often times, same-day and even last-minute requests of showings are common, so a seller with a 24 hour notice to show stipulation often cuts himself out of a good chunk of the buying market.

Once a house gets tagged difficult to show by an agent, you won't receive as many calls to show it. If sellers choose to make showings difficult, it will cut down on showings - and fewer showings equals fewer potential buyers.

Having a Supra Lockbox on your front door will give you the freedom to let both Johnson Realty and Other Office Agents show your home when you are not there. Through the internet, we can even track the agents that have been in your home within the last 48 hours. You listing agent will have a lockbox at your scheduled appointment, or you can pick one up at our office any time. The cost is $120 for the term of your listing agreement.